"Guardians of the Galaxy" galaxies last hope in the hand group of people who loose their home & family.

Im realy excited when this movie finaly come to Indonesian cinemas. All the excitement was pay off. When a trip to cosmic world of Marvel Cinematic Universe begins.

Exploring the world of intergalactic living, Trough the main characters in every side of them self.

Still amazed by mega form of the mad titan ‘Thanos’. How Nova Corps made reasonable as xandarian space police department. A mass of aliens & creatures from Taneler Tivan collections, as an easteregg to other possible debut of Marvel characters. A bit close look of Kree empire appearance. Dramatic Space battling. Revealing the ‘Infinity Stones’ great power & colours. Random jokes. Meredith Quill tease a look of ‘Moondragon’, several clues from Star-Lord origins & father.

After all, this is not my last journey. The newly formed team of galactic crime fighter adventure just begin, another friend or foes just might wait ahead. Till they return for the sequels.